Start Here


This is the first post of this site.  This is where it starts.

Thanksgiving 2015.  Today I launch this blog.  It seems appropriate, and ironic.  I have never been one to put myself out there much on social media.  I find addiction to “likes” self indulgent and strangeyogaworks, and throwing out a cute picture of your child or a handstand, when all else fails, a little desperate.  But things change and purpose changes, and here I am.   It took a lot of consideration and soul searching for me to do this.  I have had a rather unusual life, and along the way have learned a lot.  I sailed around the world when I was nineteen to twenty one years old. Forty years of doing yoga and meditation, and twenty years of teaching it.  More art, music, sports and travel than I can remember.  Amazing and beautiful friends, family, students, and material comfort.  I thought I had all the knowledge I would ever need to ride this lifetime into the sunset.  But on July 30th 2012 I was told that I had cancer.  A whole new phase of learning was just beginning.

I traveled that path mostly alone and until recently only a handful of people knew.  They say a blog should be focused on one clear niche.  But if you do yoga, how can it be separate from your life?  If you have a disease how can it be separate from your life and your yoga?  It is all connected.  All of that, and much more.  This blog will have content related to life, yoga, cancer, and probably more. Many people start to blog when they enter a crisis.  They do it to keep there people informed, and possibly find therapy in it.  That is so not for me.  I am doing it so that maybe someone can find an answer that will help them.  I have always said that if every person could make a positive difference in just one or two other peoples lives, what an amazing world this would be.  I hope I have already been that person, but I’m not stopping now.

I have ended every yoga class I have ever given with this: “Feel a moment of gratitude for all your blessings, most especially your health”.  You can probably imagine what I was thinking when I said that the last few years.  Yet I do feel gratitude for my health and all I have and have had.  I wouldn’t trade my life for anything.  Gratitude opens the channel between soul and spirit.  It allows you to go where you need to go.  Notice I said “allows”.   Whether you go or not is up to you.  Happy Thanksgiving 2015!