A Morning with Many Journeys

I came across this little ditty I wrote as an email a few years back  Seems worth sharing. So many waves of Maya in one simple morning.

I just wanted to write this down while it was fresh in my mind, because it was a cool ride in this morning. When I went out to my car it was dark and the big ol harvest moon was hanging up there with her little sidekick Venus. They are alike because neither of them have their own light. Without the sun they would be invisible.

Which brings to mind how many things are around us, all the time, that we can’t see?  And if they don’t exist to us, does that lessen the quality of their existence?

I put on that playlist I like. As I drove east the sun was just lighting up a crystal clear (pretty freakin unusual) sky, and the L.A skyline and lights were really cool against the mountains and dawn breaking sky. I even tried to take a photo with my phone but of course it didn’t come out. You know the windshield and bumps and whatnot.

So by the time I get off on Melrose ave. And I’m cruising west to the studio, the sky is light enough that the stars and Venus are gone but that big moon is floating right in the middle of Melrose above the palm trees of Hollywood.

So, of course, then I got to the studio and stand in the line to go through security. Then the indignant self importance of the people in line whose precious time was being wasted by the security process kind of overpowered the cool vibe. Oh well.

Ok, and so, here is the Hollywood caste system I work in. I’m in a room, on set, making sure an actors hair stays looking good for his live feed interviews. Sooo meaningful… I think I’ll work on a cure for cancer next. Anyway.

I have brought my cup of coffee with me cause it’s like 7 am and I’ve been up since 5. So a particularly self-important woman with her headset and whatever on comes in to bring the actors their tea, coffee, omelettes, eggs making sure everything is just the right temperature and everything is perfect..

Then she walks the 12 feet over to where I’m sitting and informs me “you aren’t allowed to eat or drink in here”. I about shit. So I gave her my half cup of coffee, and she walked off having completed her bizarre mission. Nothing like an environment to test your serenity every fucking minute 🙂


Thats it. Short, sweet, and in the moment honest.

Peace and Love, and wishing you a positive environment!